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b. in the moment 

The foundation of our practice combines the physical with an inner journey.

At b. Pilates, our b stands for whom we are being, moving beyond the “bumbles” in life, and choosing how we'll show up. Our buzz of choice is Pilates where we cartwheel beyond our comfort zones. We embrace struggle so we can evolve and grow. We don’t go it alone, rather we work together and build colonies of strength. When faced with uncertainty, we choose the path more challenging; often raw and unfiltered. We believe a messy life beats a perfect life and authenticity always wins. We raise our hand and say yes to what we love most: family, friends, and a healthy lifestyle. As we fly on, we choose to live in our greatness and believe in ourselves. Integrating the poppy flower (after Kelly's grandfather) with the bumble bee (after Sara's grandmother), we strive to provide an experience that will change bodies and lives for the better!

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